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I am taken. But thanks for asking.
2006-01-06, 2:05 p.m.

No, Iím not going to file a sexual harassment claim, mostly because Mike and I are equals. In fact, I might even be a little bit above him, and therefore, being an old-fashioned kind of girl, not to mention just old (and tired), I will handle it myself. And if that doesnít curb his enthusiasm, Iíll talk to his board of directors, which is essentially the same group of folks as my board of directors. My company owns his company; his company works for mine. He even takes direction from me sometimes. I donít in any way feel threatened or pressured by him. Just completely ::shudder:: grossed out at the very idea. And highly annoyed, but shit, Iím always annoyed with something, so why not this?

Heís a tool. I will put the smackdown on his ass if/when the wildly inappropriate remarks start to fly again. Please trust that this will probably include me saying the words ďBack off, old man.Ē

I was in his office the other day talking about something worky, and he sat at his desk, clicking a pen.

::click-click click-click click-click click-click::

Finally, I snapped ďStop THA-AT!Ē He did just that, and immediately, I might add. People fear me.

For the record, my sweet little tiny husband does that, too. Heíll sit there and click a pen or thump a pencil on the table while Iím talking, or trying to think or while weíre sitting together quietly doing dueling Sudoku puzzles. ďStop THA-AT!Ē

Come to think of it, he also aggressively pursues me for dates, and just plain old sex, not even cloaked within an offer of a basketball date. Iím clearly way too sexy for my own good, and just generally a distraction. How can you all get anything done, knowing Iím out here, looking like this:

Come hither. And thither. And Ö ::YAWN::

Or this:

My bedroom eyes, i.e. like I need sleep.

I know itís just too much. In fact, Iím going to give you all a break, let you get some work done, refocus on your priorities and allow you all to come to grips with the fact that, hey, I am taken. But thanks for asking.

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