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Iíd never leave you hanging, baby.
2006-08-18, 11:00 a.m.

Remember that big work deal that I talked about, and then I pulled down the part where I talked about it, but I still would occasionally refer to it as a big work deal Ė a big work proposition not involving sexual harassment FOR ONCE - but I would never really tell you what it was?

Well. Itís happening Monday, and while I still really donít want to talk about Super Double Secret Work Stuff, because when you do, one thing leads to another, and before you know it, youíre supporting yourself by posting pictures of your dog with treats stacked on his head Ė oh and HEY, thatís kind of cute, actually. Iím hip to that jive. I wonder if we could get either of our dogs to do that? Did I mention that Piper is up to 48 pounds? Herís a big girl who got her anal glands cleaned out at the vetís office this morning.

Did I digress and not finish my sentence? How about if now I start a parentheses and not close it? (although I know that you will correct me in the comments, and Iíll close it up there.

Anyway, the big work thing to which I have alluded yet never fully explained will happen on Monday. What it means for me is I will have a new office in the same building, Iíll have a different signature on my substantially-larger paycheck, and Iíll be running my tail off to earn it.

What it means for you is that I will NO LONGER hang upon your every word and comment on your brilliant writing at work, I will not post things from work, and my posting will be become even less reliable than it is now. Which is Ė say it with me now Ė VERY.

Hey, well, life changes. Drink are on me. ::CLINK::


Iím not sure how my ability to post and comment and entertain and enlighten you with my sparkling wit, sunny disposition, and dazzling good looks in my free time will shake out, or whether I will actually ever have free time ever again. EVER. In the meantime, allow me to express my deepest emotions to you through self-portraiture.


Iíll try. Iíll really try and if trying donít cut it, Iíll let you know. Iíd never leave you hanging, baby, you know that. Now come on, kitten, donít cry. Big hug.

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