Jane - 2006-03-03 17:00:42
I thought I preferred "Big L" and "Little L", to "Laura" and "Other Laura" but then I was confronted by photographic evidence of the Head Size Conundrum. Damn, you've got a big head.
Miz S - 2006-03-03 17:12:01
Maybe it's not that your head is freakishly big, but that your neck is freakishly small. Whatever, you're still hot. HOT, I tell you!
sfk - 2006-03-03 17:14:30
hey! i'm back! later i'll show pics and stuff, oh no wait, mr sfk accidentally deleted all our pictures while on the plane home, after being a perfect butthead for almost the entire trip. I had a great time anyway even if he was crabby to me on my BIRTHDAY. Don't get me wrong, I love mr sfk, but damn. he is one unpleasant international traveling companion. will you go with me to bangkok in a few months instead?
laura - 2006-03-03 17:46:02

Jane, it's to hold my Very Large Brain. Thanks for noticing!

Miz S, it's both. I have a pencil neck. But thanks.

SFK: Yes, I will. Now go do some sort of update before I hack in and rename you the Unupdater.

Heather - 2006-03-03 21:02:00
Pooky and I are good friends with a couple in San Antonio -watch out, we will be going there one day!
LL - 2006-03-03 23:25:54
I feel compelled to point out that I do indeed have a neck and only ONE chin, despite the photographic evidence. ahem. and -AW - you flatterer, you!! LOVE the shoes. I very wisely pitched my little straw espradille dealies one month before Cosmo declared them "hot." I give up - I'm stickin' to flip-flops.
sfk - 2006-03-04 02:47:38
Hey! What's the Flea for?
Chantal - 2006-03-04 12:24:29
I could NOT say not to the 3rd pair of shoes. HOT. And what is this Spring you speak of? Isn't Texas winter perpetual Spring? Spring to Canadians means less snow, more slush and it smells like dogshit.
nancyfrance - 2006-03-04 17:24:39
LOVE the shoes. Hey. I'm coming to Austin for a Blogmeet (blowneyed bloggers) April 27-30. My shoes won't be as cute as yours, but my cane will be bi***in'... cause if I have to use a cane, it's gonna be purty.
nancyfrance - 2006-03-06 00:10:19
hey.. coming to the Austin area this weekend.
EB - 2006-03-06 12:28:19
Look at you and all your cute little shoes. You're gonna look so cute cruisin' the NC beaches in May. : )

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