LL - 2006-04-20 19:58:38
You are so hot, I almost didn't comment.
sfk - 2006-04-20 22:06:50
Ma'am, you are hotter than hell, and this post is probably the best post ever (A+ with stars!) because I learned about vitamins for my skin (what, do you buy capsules and put it on your skin, or oh I guess maybe you mean TAKE it like normal people? could that be it? how much?) and lipstick (I like that color, it is almost hot enough for you). Also, heeheeheeheeheeheeheehee! I WIN!
Miz S - 2006-04-20 22:26:54
YES. The move has to be made within 3 minutes of being in bed. Or, even better, before anyone even gets into bed. 3 minutes with a pillow and I am outta here, baby.
Niihaus - 2006-04-21 17:35:04
Arid on the feet? No shit. I'm so glad I stopped by here today, you are a plethora of information, dahling! And, short, brunette, Dallas woman, AND sizzlin' hot! Nice!

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