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I never even felt a thing.
2006-03-30, 3:28 p.m.

I would like to know why, when I Google my somewhat unusual maiden name (the name I used when I was a maiden Ė what?), there were 4 hits, and one of them was an extremely dirty pseudo-teen porn site that hijacked my browser. I would like to know that, but Iím not going to pony up and join the site (if what I saw was the free part, then letís say the stuff you pay for must be really good bad) to search around and see why my name is in there.

But itís possible Iím completely famous as a pseudo-teen internet porn star, and I never even felt a thing.

I showered off my computer via Spybot Search and Destroy, and feel somewhat cleaner now.


Since my brain is empty except for dead flies and bits of fluff (I stole that from Harry Potter, Iím afraid), I was going to throw up a picture of myself making a face and call it a day. I know, whatís the point, right? but it makes Miz S giggle helplessly, and if I can make but one person giggle helplessly today, my work here is done.

HOWEVER, Iíve sent the same stupid picture of me doing eyebrow gymnastics three times now, and none of Ďem are going through. Whoever is receiving the pictures I email myself must be somewhat puzzled, and Iíll bet thankful, too.

Oh wait! It finally showed up! What a treat for all of us.


My littlest brother might move down here from Dallas, and I am SO excited about that, and I am also SO gloating about it because my sister EB has already told me sheís jealous, and now Iím just rubbing it in, because I know sheís reading. Hi!

That would be so awesome, though, because I love him and I think heís just the coolest, if not a bit enigmatic to me because thereís a 13 year age difference, so right about the time he was outgrowing running around and screaming all the fucking time, I went off to college.

He lived in San Antonio for about a year several years back on a temporary basis, and I did not see much of him because he was still very VERY involved in the life (cough::girlfriend!::cough) he had left behind in Dallas. Stupid plastic Dallas. This time, itís not supposed to be temporary, so I look forward to perhaps having more than just the Thanksgiving and Christmas and admire-from-afar relationship we do now.

Yup, South Texas will suck him in and then heíll be mine to boss around and dote over.

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