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2006-05-15, 2:24 p.m.

“Brain all over the place.”

I’m writing a distraction log, not just a time-wasting log, but a log of my time-wasting proclivities and how I’m feeling at the time. Because what good is a time-wasting log, if you can’t figure out how you felt and WHY you’re wasting precious time?

So today, during a little spate of celebrity gossip blog perusal, I wrote in my log (I never tire of the word “log”) (cheese log) the sentence “Brain all over the place.”

Honestly, I think that might be the best sentence I’ve ever written. Ever. I may needlepoint that onto a sampler and hang it in my office.

A normal person would write an entry of the awesome trip she took with her family to visit her sister and brother-in-law in North Carolina and how she really did not want to come home, and how Monday’s kind of a bummer now. However, since I have brain all over the place (it’s messy in here), I’m going to throw something up here right quick, and try to get to the real writing tomorrow.

The right quick thing I’m going to write about is the spam email I just received. Its subject is “impress her with your animal instincts”, and the sender was “urnyrmhtt”. I read that and thought to myself “If one gave voice to one’s animal instincts, that voice would be named ‘urnyrmhtt’, and that’s the sound the animal instincts would make, too.”

Try it.

I hope I managed to impress you today with my animal instincts (and I keep almost typing “animal instancts”, which is really close to how I say it), and I’ll be back tomorrow with more better words and punctiation and spelling.

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