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Hungover on a Wednesday
2003-07-02, 11:32 a.m.

Is there ever a good reason to drink too much red wine on a Tuesday night? There is if it's exceptionally good wine that was received as a work gift from the wine expert, and if Don is there to split it with me and egg me on by remarking how very good it is. We didn't share with DW - he's a malt bevvie drinker.

I'm hungry, tired and quasi-hungover.

I got that new laptop at work, and now I'm getting a new red laptop backpack from mom for my birthday.

I'm wearing an awesome outfit today that involves red shoes. I rule.

My beloved DW has very large cheeks. I always knew there was something about his ass. His cheeks are large and deep. I'm obsessing over it, and a little grossed out by it. I left him a nice note on his computer...a newspaper photo of the large woman savoring a slice of watermelon, with this thought-bubble caption: Mmmmmmm DW...this large piece of fruit reminds me of your large juicy cheeks...

I'm snickering just thinking about it. I'm glad I crack him up, no pun intended. Crack? I mean, I guess this will crack him up - it did me.

Fast food is in order again for lunch today. Yep, still spending money. Today's lunch will cost all of $4.

I love this new computer. I'm going to take home lots of stuff to work on. Maybe I'll call in sick tomorrow and just work at home. Ha ha - call in sick. Hello? Me? Yes, I'm staying home today. Ok.

And cable internet gets installed at home Tuesday. I'll never leave the house - just grow all pasty and white with one large eyeball on the center of my forehead. A couch turnip.

I need to stop at the Snake Farm and get my San Diego girlfriend a t-shirt for her late b-day. I am remiss - she doesn't understand the honor of having your b-day celebrated and commemorated 6 months late. Yet.

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