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My lil buddy
2003-07-03, 9:00 a.m.

I'm going to wax ecstatic about my son today. His name is Lil Guy, and he's 10. Here are the things he likes to do: Basketball. Soccer. Golf. Practice pitching and batting, although not particularly fond of playing the actual game of baseball.

He also plays the guitar, and is into Scouting.

His most favorite thing is video games and creating stuff, like building a little town, or a house, or creating a videogame storyline. He was voted most creative in his 4th grade class.

He will be starting 5th grade next month, which is his last year of elementary school. For middle school, he'll be at the same school, different wing.

He always has money on him, at least a 5. He has money in his golf bag, and I suspect his favorite part of going to the driving range is buying snacks and gatorade at the clubhouse. I sometimes borrow money from him, and I know that I can always change a 5 or a 10.

He makes awesome grades, although if a subject does not interest him, or he can't see the point, that grade will be a bit lower. He has trouble listening sometimes, is dreamy, and quite the dawdler. Never has his shoes on.

He makes his bed almost every morning, doesn't get mad when the hamster bites him, and he has an awesome sense of humor. Loves the Holy Grail and gets the joke when we quote things like "But I don't want to go on the cart."

In addition to all these things, he is a very sweet, affectionate snuggly boy. He's very kind to old people and little kids, and all his friends' moms think of him as the nice kid with good manners who never gets into trouble.

And he has intense blue-green eyes that change depending on what he's wearing, and sometimes on what I'm wearing. And he has funky toes. I love that little boy.

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